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John, Stef, Noah & Hayden


So this post is a bit more personal but I wanted to share this special family with you.  This past Sunday at church I was asked to speak about my good friends the Cassettos because it was their last Sunday here in NH (for a while anyway).  They left Monday August 14th to move to CA.  They will be so deeply missed.  Anyway, below is what I tried to share at church about these dear, dear friends.

So they want me to share about my relationship with the Cassettos but I can’t.

Can’t explain or describe or talk about it

In a way that captures or hints at

The depth, the history, the conversations, the time, the love.

When I think about it my mind and heart are filled with flashbacks of trips to CIY, and Workcamp, broadway shows, singing at your wedding and dancing at mine.

Or Stef when you did my hair and make up for prom.

You taught me to harmonize, make chili, to care.

You were at my eighth grade, high school and college graduation.

But mostly you were just there

For me

Teaching me,

Showing me,

Encouraging me

Challenging me

Doing life with me

And Selfishly I want you to stay

But trusting God lovingly send you on your way

But I need you to know you’ve changed this place.

You’ve taught us to love God thump thump, love people thump thump.

You’ve shown us the color of our walls and the volume of our music

They just don’t matter there’s lost people out there

Now come on lets get to it.

You’ve shown us the power of an hour on a Sunday morning.

How doing the best we can with what we’ve got can honor God and give other people a shot.

A shot to see Him for the very first time in a way that is real and makes sense,

And its not about me but we’re better together

Together in Rwanda Africa

You’ve opened our eyes to our neighbors around this globe

for those who don’t have 603 for an area code

For the sick, for the poor, the mistreated and abused

For the ones who’ve never heard the news

The news that God has a plan for their life.

And this is why you have to go

Cause there’s a world out there that may never know

Know the God we get to serve

We support you but we’ll miss you

We love you,



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  1. Leah, these are amazing shots of amazing people. Thanks for sharing these. You did awesome during service. I don’t know how you could keep it together up there. Have tears in my eyes just looking at these photos. Really going to miss John and Stef.


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