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End of Summer

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Summer is official over and as a last post for this wonderful season, I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures that didn’t make it to the blog.

Swimming with Noah and Hayden at the Races pool!

Hayden at Abby’s Graduation party.

Ellie watering my garden.

Jim, after he let Eva paint his nails purple.  What a good uncle!

Ellie, being ADORABLE!

The next few pictures are from our whale watching trip in Bar Harbor, M.E.

This was really funny.  All the guys (on their own) picked up Carter’s binoculars to get a “better view” on top of Cadillac Mountain in M.E.

So, Ellie really likes to play dress up. One day she came, over went into my room and came out like this.

Again Ellie playing dress up with my veil and her “wedding dress” on.  (It was the dress she wore to my wedding)

And then…She just had to put my wedding dress on.

Carter playing golf at Nate’s party.

In Boston with Rachel and Jake.

My hubby and his brother at The Gorge in N.H.

Us at Newfound Lake.


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