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A MERRY Christmas Party

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Well, it wasn’t just any old Christmas party…it was an ugly Christmas sweater party! And I’d just like to go ahead and say sorry if this offends anyone over 40 who wear these sweaters, and to those from whom we borrowed these sweaters (it was for a good cause).  18 of us celebrated over a pot of chili, a pan of kielbasa, and a plate of cookies and chocolate covered pretzels this past Monday night, and there is no other word to describe it but MERRY!  Different people bring out different sides of life and this group definitely brings out the fun.  They will wear silly sweaters and hats, (or in Taylors case tear off a sleeve of a sweater to make it ugly. (scroll down to see) They will wrap themselves in a blanket that matches their shirt perfectly to become a vision in blue. (scroll down to see) And they’ll give their best “reindeer pose” (see last picture) why…because it’s fun.  And isn’t that what  the word MERRY means?  To be of high spirits, festive and jolly? Well, I think so anyway.

Hope you have a very MERRY Christmas!


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