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Our Extreme Makeover: apartment addition


So, I finally took some after shots of our apartment and thought some of you out there may like to see them.  This wonderful transformation is mostly because my hubby has the same skill set as Ty Pennignton and can do anything with a nail and hammer.  Fun fact for ya, the before pictures were taken 4 weeks prior to our wedding!  Talk about a lot to do in a short amount of time! But with help from family and friends we had the sheet rock up, floors done and running water.  Other than that we came back from our honeymoon with a shower, a frig,  a mattress on the floor (actually, its still on the floor but that’s beside the point) a lamp, a coffee maker and that’s it.  It’s taken us all of 2010 to get it to this point but we love it and wanted to share its makeover with you.

Happy New Years!


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  1. What a talented son-in-law I have…….maybe one day we can get to my 200 year old mudroom! hint…….hint……….


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