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Kayleigh & Ty’s Engagement (plus a little something extra)

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This was a really fun engagement shoot with Kayleigh and Ty for a number of reasons.  First, I mean just look at them…so artsy fartsy, I love it!  Second, we were in THE coolest place in NH, Portsmouth.  Third, it was the warmest day of spring so far.  And finally, they were willing to be my guinea-pigs as I tried a new kind of approach to taking pictures.  You’ve heard me talk a lot about different things I got out of the conference I went to in Vegas last month, but most of that so far as been about new business cards, becoming an LLC, and such.  Boring.  Now, I want to share with you how I was truly inspired to become a better photographer.  Feb, 21 at 3:30 I walked into Jesh’s session and sat down.  I had no idea what I was in for.  In a soft, gentle tone he began speaking about the miracle of each one of us being here. Alive. Living. Loving.  His tone shifted almost to the wobbly, chocking back tears kind of thing  as he began to talk about his kids, and wife.  The relationship he has with them and about the certain number of days, he is uncertain are left with them.  He had us shift our attention the to the ones we love.  My Jim came to mind.  Jesh challenged us to use photography to really capture the relationship between two people. To capture not only great images of them but of their relationship.  He calls this new approach “Beloved Sessions.” This is now what photography is to me.  A tool to capture love.  A tool to help remind people how special their beloved is to them.


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