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Rachel Carter


This is my good, amazing friend Rachel.  She is one of those rare people that has come along in my life who, just gets me.  She came to me in need of some pictures.  She wanted to create a postcard to send to people that are supporting her for at least six months while she goes to Rwanda, Africa.  She is going to be filling in for the founders of an African Bagel Company in Kigali, while they are on furlough.  This Bagel Company takes mostly widows, many with children to care for, off the streets and teaches them a trade that they can use to provide for their families.  It offers hope.  And if you know Rachel you would know she’s just the right person for the job. If you’re interested in more info about Rachel’s trip her blog is

Rachel leaves June 30th, and although she will be terribly missed, she has all the support my heart can offer.

Here is the postcard we created plus some other pics from our shoot.


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  1. Hey they put a railing in. That wasn’t there when you had pics there right?
    Now pictures!


  2. Hey Rachel,

    Just wanted to say God bless you in your efforts in Rwanda. I met Rich and Robin today and heard about the great work you are doing. Keep up the great work for Jesus!


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