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2nd Annual Family Lake Day


This place holds the title to so many great memories for me.  It’s the first place my husband and I held hands (awwwwww) it’s where we got engaged (awwwwwww) and now for the second year in a row it’s a place where my whole family has been able to spend the day together, just playing.  Even my mom’s sister from Virginia and my two cousins got to be there.  We had such a blast playing in the water, playing baseball in the sand, fishing, biking and hanging on the rope swing.  I’m so blessed to have in-laws willing to open this magical place up to this crazy bunch.

These are the day’s I’ll cherish forever.


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  1. Takes forever to load photos here- but I knew loading those would be worth it. Excellent work, my friend. Moments to cherish… Love and miss you!


  2. These are days are priceless…..thanks Leah for capturing such wonderful memories that will last a lifetime! Did I ever tell you how proud we are of you and your gift of photography, just to name one!!


  3. Great pictures Leah. Thanks for capturing all of these family events.


  4. To my Precious Leah,

    We had so much fun watching the kids play and watching Jim flip the girls off of the jet ski! I have it on video!! Your grandfather, Robert Owen would be so very PROUD of the way that you take pics and preserve family memories. He loved doing that! I am so proud of you!

    Love always, Aunt Robyn and family


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