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Adam Atherton

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Have I mentioned how much I LOVED all my Senior sessions this year?  Well, I did.  I LOVED them.  Okay, enough with the all caps, hehe.  But, I can’t help it.  I just had so much fun trying to figure out how to make their pictures a reflection of who they are.  Not just some nice head shot but a picture that shows their personality.  With Adam for instance, I didn’t know he was into skateboarding (cause he didn’t tell me that originally, shame on him) but, he got out of his car and I said, “so, what do you like to do for fun?”  He said, “I skateboard.”   I said, “shoot, too bad I didn’t know that or I would of had you bring your board. ” He said, “well, it’s in my car.”  And this is what we did…

So here’s the lesson for all you Juniors thinking about your Senior pictures.  Think about it.  Think about what location, what object, what hobby, and how the clothes you’ll wear will help your pictures be unique to you.


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