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Looking towards 2012


Everybody tends to reevaluate their life at this time of year and make New Year resolutions about all different kinds of things.  Well, I’m doing the same thing but for UnVeiling Photography.  Since photo sessions seem to slow down a bit in the winter I’m hoping to take advantage of the “extra time,” and knock some of these off the list.  They (whoever they are) say, you’re way more likely to stick to your resolutions or goals if you tell someone else about them and create accountability.  So, I’m telling all of you so you can keep me accountable.  I plan to update the blog whenever I get something done so if you don’t see any updates…get on my case about it.  And now for the list…

1. Update website

2. Redesign blog

3. Find a charity to support with a percentage of profit

4. Gather/purchase more props

5. Implement Senior’s Rep program (More details about that later)

6. Display work at other local businesses such as Breaking New Ground in Portsmouth

7. Master some new lighting equipment I just bought

8. Create a video promo

9. Hold more facebook contests/giveaways

10. Write more blog posts that have tips, suggestions, and educational material for readers.


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  1. I can help you with #3 ! I work for one of THE best non-profits around; Families in Transition! Please consider FIT when making your choice.
    You will LOVE LOVE LOVE our mission, and we could use a great photographer too!


  2. Jim’s going to love #4! 🙂
    Make sure they’re big props that take up a lot of space! Like a phone booth and maybe a row boat!!
    Happy Christmas!


    • I’m actually looking for a row boat! Know anybody who has one that doesn’t want to have one anymore?


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