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So, I think I’ve been doing you a disservice. Unintentionally of course but a disservice all the same. See, when I post pictures on my blog or facebook page I’m posting my favorites. The problem then, is when you are having your pictures taken or your children’s pictures taken you think, “O no, they aren’t cooperating,” or “why wont they act right, like the kids I saw in the other pictures?” The truth is, those kids probably didn’t act “right” either, and here are some pictures to prove it. Here we were trying to get a shot of Carter and Dylan together but as you can see that didn’t go very well. They ended up horizontal. So, in the end we actually had to split them up and get shots of them individually instead of together. The point is, especially when doing children photography you have to just relax, go with the flow, and stay flexible.

I think I may have to start posting some outtakes from each shoot just for laughs.


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