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In one of my last posts I listed some goals I have for UnVeiling Photography in 2012.  One of those is to have more blog post with educational type material in them.  Whether it be lessons I’ve learned, general tips, camera equipment tidbits or even answering specific questions you may have about photography.  So, here is a first educational post with some thoughts about shooting with different kinds of skies.

Think you need a great sky to get a great shot?  You don’t.  Instead of being bummed out that you don’t have those puffy clouds and gorgeous blues in your shot, embrace the overcast and you may be surprised with the cool effect it can have on your image.  Lots of white! Which in my opinion looks really cool.    The trick to this is to put your camera on manual mode and expose for your subject and not the sky (like I did in the first example image).  If you expose for the sky your subject will be dark but hey, that works too because then you’d get a silhouette (like I did in my second example image).  I guess the bigger lesson here is get off auto mode and play around with your exposure.

Next info blog post topic: WHAT IS EXPOSURE? AND HOW DO YOU GET IT?


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