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Caitlin + Doug

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As promised here is another post from a wedding this past summer…

Caitlin and Doug got married in Caitlin’s father’s backyard on a beautiful day.  They wanted to take their pictures together before the ceremony and to take them at an off site location so we headed down into the big city (just kidding it was just Manchester).   Anyway, we were having a great time using old brick buildings for backgrounds when this woman came up very rudely and asked if we had permission to take pictures in front of this building?  I thought very rudely, “are you crazy, it’s obviously their wedding day and you’re gonna put up a stink about taking pictures in front of this building?” But instead said very politely, “O, no, we are just walking around taking pictures and stopped here.  It’s their wedding day.”  Yeah, well she didn’t care and to make a long story short she  told us to leave or she would call the cops.  What!? I mean, who does that?  I was under the assumption if you had on a wedding dress you could pretty much get away with anything.  O, well.  We got all the pictures we needed and don’t tell that woman but I’ve used the front of that building for pictures since.


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