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Karen & Jeff

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This wedding was last fall and everything about it was joyous.  Karen is one of the most joy-filled people I’ve ever met and their ceremony was full of happy tears.  They got a beautiful day with picturesque foliage, blue sky, and green grass.  Fun fact from this wedding…first time I heard “Gangnam Style” as her two cousins rocked the dance floor (caught on camera thanks to the photographer…that would be me).

Karen and Jeff thank you for allowing me to capture this precious day for you.

Karen & Jeff-340

Karen & Jeff-109

Karen & Jeff-65


Karen & Jeff-28

Karen & Jeff-59

Karen & Jeff-57Karen & Jeff-88Karen & Jeff-79Karen & Jeff-106Karen & Jeff-111Karen & Jeff-138Karen & Jeff-146Karen & Jeff-154Karen & Jeff-163Karen & Jeff-176Karen & Jeff-187Karen & Jeff-208Karen & Jeff-261Karen & Jeff-246Karen & Jeff-234Karen & Jeff-290Karen & Jeff-301Karen & Jeff-297Karen & Jeff-316\Karen & Jeff-310Karen & Jeff-342Karen & Jeff-361Karen & Jeff-364Karen & Jeff-401Karen & Jeff-408Karen & Jeff-415Karen & Jeff-429Karen & Jeff-430Karen & Jeff-432Karen & Jeff-438Karen & Jeff-454Karen & Jeff-463Karen & Jeff-477Karen & Jeff-524Karen & Jeff-534Karen & Jeff-511

Karen & Jeff-314


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