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Molly & Grant – Church Landing Wedding

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On June 21 it was the longest day of the year and I got to be apart of a really fantastic wedding.  The venue was wonderful (Church Landing, Meredith NH), the bride was gorgeous (see below), the sky as blue as blue can be and the party a rockin!  Like I said not a bad way to spend the summer solstice.  wedding-4


wedding-5 wedding-6 wedding-7 wedding-9

wedding-1 wedding-10 wedding-11 wedding-12   wedding-15 wedding-16 wedding-17 wedding-18 wedding-19 wedding-20 wedding-21 wedding-22 wedding-23 wedding-24 wedding-25





wedding-4  wedding-27 wedding-28 wedding-29 wedding-30 wedding-31 wedding-32 wedding-33 wedding-34 wedding-35 wedding-36 wedding-37 wedding-38 wedding-39 wedding-40


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