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Jess & Damon got hitched!

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And the first wedding award of 2014 goes to, drum roll please…Jess and Damon!!!  Just kidding, there’s no award,  just trying to figure out a good way to start this post.  Sorry, that was cheesy, haha.  Anyway, moving on,  Jess and I were apart of the same church for awhile here in NH, and then she went to school out in IL and met a boy named Damon….and they fell in love, got engaged and flew me out to IL to capture their big day.  There were so many great things about this weeding.  1. My sister was a bridesmaid.  2. Their bridal party’s get up was fabulous.  3. The chapel for the ceremony was simply charming.  4. Jess and Damon were so easy to photograph (see below)  5. The light snow that started to fall right in time for the bridal party pictures was awesome.   6. The cupcakes were delicious. What?! By the time of the reception the photographer could use a little pick me up!  7. Well, I better stop so you can look at the pictures cause I could go on and on and on.   Basically, It was just such a great day to be a photographer!

Thanks Jess & Damon-you’re wonderful!

J&D oneJess & Damon twojess & damon threejess & Damon fourjess & damon fivejess & Damon six


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