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My first Indian Wedding

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krishna & Tim-265.2

So I must admit that this blog post has overwhelmed me for a long time now.  Probably for a lot of reasons.  For starters this was my very first Indian wedding (attending or photographing) and there is SO much involved.  I’ve never taken so many pictures at a wedding which is probably a good thing but kind of a bad thing when trying to pick highlights for a blog post.  Still, I never should have taken this long to post about it.  Mostly because, I absolutely LOVED this wedding.  And, I know I say that about most weddings I go to but this one is different.  I’ll never forget this one.  Indian weddings are awesome and if you ever get a chance to go to one, GO!  They are so festive, so colorful, so symbolic, and probably the best dance party you’re ever gonna go to.  One of the coolest parts about an Indian wedding is what is called the Baraat.  This is considered to be the grooms ceremony.  It’s when the groom makes his way to be accepted by the brides family.  On the way all his friends and family blast music and dance in front of him.  Traditionally he would come in on an elephant or horse.  But in this case a golf cart will do 🙂 You’ll see pictures to see what this looks like below.  Tim and Krishna, I can not thank you enough for having me and Jim as your photographers.  You made me fall in love with Indian weddings, and I really hope I get to do one again.  Much love, leah

k&t one

k&t two

k&t three

t&k four

t&K five

k&t six

t&K seven


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