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My Sister’s Wedding

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It was a strange thing to watch my younger sibling get married.  I think it’s because I have so many memories of Abby when she was younger.  I was around 10 years old when Abby was born, so my memories of her growing up are very clear.  As opposed to my older siblings, I don’t know what they were like as kids.  They always seemed mature, and old-er, old-er than me anyway, so when they got married it seemed very natural.  Not so with Abby.  As she walked down the aisle it was like watching her play dress-up.  Although she has changed so much from when she was a kid, I can still see that little girl in her purple skirt and mischief in her eyes, giggling and dancing around the house.

The ceremony was held at Macs Apples and the reception was help under a tent in the neighbors back yard.  I don’t really have any pictures from the reception because I was too busy either eating, talking or dancing (mostly dancing) to take any pictures!  It was such a fun day to celebrate with her and Jeremy!

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