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Adam + Lori’s Backyard Wedding

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15Ever been to a wedding where the bride get’s flown in?  Me either…till now.  My good friends Lori & Adam had the most amazing wedding this past September and Lori’s dad flew her in and landed on the river .  It was quite the entrance!!  Oh and then to top it off they left the ceremony by boat!  So fun!  One of the best parts about photographing a friends wedding is getting to spend so much time with them throughout the day.  I loved capturing all the details I had been hearing about for months and getting to be “behind the scenes” with Lori as she got ready.  My only condition was that I got to put my camera down for some dancing time during the reception.  And that I did!! 811121 2 3 4 5 6 7123  9 10 4jpg 5 6 7

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  1. Excellant recap. We had great fun but apparently you did as well. Really good photos.


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