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Thomas + Sarah + The Field

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I’ve used this beautiful field for many photography sessions in the past (thank you Mrs. Philbrick, AKA Gramma Philbrick) but, this time, I got to use it for her grandson Thomas and his fiance Sarah.  Thomas and his family live right across the street and have spent countless hours playing in this field, ice skating on the pond, and helping around the farm.  As I was taking their picture up against a fence, I asked Thomas if there was anywhere especially meaningful for him on the property that he would like to have pictures taken.  He said, actually I was just thinking about the dozen of hours I spent digging these holes for this fence.  I don’t know, call me sentimental but this stuff get’s to me.  Sniff, sniff.  Besides all that, they really allowed me to capture their relationship in a way that I’m always striving for.  Real embraces, real smiles, real expressions.  Loved this session and can’t wait till their wedding this Fall. 1.1

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